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A New Era: Travel+Wellness

I’ve been writing this blog for over seven years. SEVEN. That’s insane. Its been so nice to look back at all my travels and see photos of baby me in Paris, Thailand, Croatia…you name it. But for a while I’ve been feeling like…well, things were a bit stale.

Between work and my PhD and constant traveling, I didn’t have much time to poke and prod these feelings, but in the past few months since passing my viva (I still wake up daily feeling thankful that its all over!), I’ve had time to really think about things. What started as a bit of a midi-life crisis surrounding my career path mushroomed into a bit of everything. And it was all thanks to this day here:

This is me stopping in the shade after not one but two gruelling hikes in Hpa An, Myanmar, in January. It was well over 40 Celsius (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and we had hiked Zwe Gabin, the highest mountain in the area, in the morning and then hiked the local Se Dan and Kawgoon caves, finishing another huge climb up to the monastery. We walked over 400 floors that day and I. Was. Dead. (Incidentally, if you want more Hpa An tips, you should read about what we did in there here.)

I always considered myself a healthy(ish) individual but that day was a real wake up call. I wasn’t feeling great about my level of fitness or my nutrition choices, and not only when on the road- although I travel A LOT the extra ick I was packing wasn’t just because I’d been in Asia for three weeks. I’d let all the traveling I’d done in 2017 (and before) obfuscate some other huge priorities in my life (also, I mean, its not like I got a PhD or anything during that time as well!), like my diet, exercising and, I realised, even my career and friendships. I resolved there on the spot to go home, take a real look at my life and do what it took to feel better.

Khaleelah yoga

Four months later, I’ve just finished a much-needed nutritional cleanse/reset, am 20 days into an 100 day yoga challenge and am coming off of a travel hiatus that was super necessary for me to take stock and figure out what I needed to do to get mentally, emotionally and physically back on track. There’s still work to do but I’m definitely feeling that it’s going in the right direction.

SO all of that is to say/explanation why from now on my blog (and social feeds) will be focused on how to be a healthier traveller- physically, mentally, emotionally- and how to maximise R&R between traveling. Its combining some pretty big interests that I have in my life, and also coming from a place that’s been a long time in coming.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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