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About Me



Me: the shortest version I could come up with

I’m Khaleelah (Ka-lee-la). I’m originally from the suburbs of Washington, DC, but after graduating from university, moved to Denver, then London, then NYC, then back to Denver, then back to London. Yes, I know, sounds exhausting. I couldn’t really decide where I wanted to end up! But London is the best city in the world and I’m happy there for now.

I originally started my blog when I left Denver (the first time) as I embarked to live in France for a few months, and then settle in London. I wanted a place to process all my experiences, and share them with friends and family. Now, the blog has grown to be a travel blog, where I chronicle my experiences here, there and everywhere I roam.

What I Do
I’m a writer first and foremost. Writing is, even after everything I’ve experienced in life,¬†my ultimate passion.

I work as a freelance consultant¬†for several startups and small businesses. I typically help with business development and/or marketing. If you’re thinking about going freelance, check out my blog on that here. If you’re ready to make the leap, but want help finding clients, you need to read more about that here, because I have been there and I definitely can offer up a piece of advice or two!

In addition to writing, I love all things travel, history, reading, Francophone, yoga and my friends.

Making Money from Blogging
I am occasionally approached by restaurants and hotels with offers for free food or accommodation in exchange for a review. I would never give a positive review if I didn’t feel it were well deserved, however.

Getting in Touch
Feel free to get in touch via social media, or, if you’re interested in working together, email me!