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Here are some answers to some of the questions I get on social and on the blog. Have another? Email me or let me know on social via the links to the right!

Q. Is blogging your full time job?

Nope! I work as a self employed business consultant, helping clients with marketing and business strategy. I also teach at a few universities and just recently finished up my PhD.

Q. How can you travel so often?

Since I work for myself, so I get to choose my hours and the days that I work. If you want more tips on working for yourself, you can read my article on how to become a freelancer and my tips on how to get clients. I often work really late or get up really early so I can complete everything I have on and still travel often. I sometimes work with brands to review hotels, airlines and experiences, which can take a little money off the tab of my trips. However, I mostly pay for my travels myself and never disingenuously review something. You’ll know how I feel regardless of whether its a sponsored trip or something I paid for myself.

Q. Can you work and travel at the same time?

Yes, I almost always do. It is a cool thing to travel and work at the same time! I’m super productive (you can read my productivity hacks, which really help me make the most of the time I have to work whilst traveling) and efficient, and find the best coffee shops and co-working spaces all over.

Q. How can you afford to travel so much?

A. I am really creative when it comes to coming up with ways to afford great trips! In addition to working with brands, I have a savings account simply to save up for trips. I also have written a blog post with tips on all the interesting ways you can make a little money to travel— there’s tons of advice in there that I swear by.

Q. Do you make any money from blogging?

Sometimes, but not enough to make a living. I work directly with brands who pay me to create blog posts that feature their product or service.  I also get a little money through affiliate marketing and advertising.

Q. Why is your blog called Careful Feet?

Its from a quote I read once, “The careful foot can step anywhere.” It is just so true. If you’re aware and motivated, you go can anywhere and learn so, so much.

Q. How many countries have you been to?

42 and counting!

Q. Where’s next?

In 2018 I’m skiing in France, going to Lithuania for a long weekend, spending a long summer week in Corsica and going to Cambodia for a yoga retreat. Stay tuned for more!