Please note: I am not accepting any new clients until January 2015 at the earliest- but let's keep in touch until then!

So you wanna be like me?
 Just kidding! Well, kind of. 

If you're are a brand or business looking to punch up your online presence a la moi, I can help
Through consulting or a longer-term partnership, I can help build your brand online and measure the growth against your bottom line.

Look around my blog and social media pages- my personal results don't lie. Get in touch and let's see what we can do to take you to the next level.

Some recent clients include...

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You can find my work published around the web, here's a small sample:
Elephant Journal: My Favorite Mistake 
Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Why Unplugging is Important

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I spoke about strengthening digital communities on a #CMAD 2014 panel.

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