Services that improve your digital footprint

We help startups and small businesses grow their digital footprint with award-winning digital marketing services.

Attract New Customers

SEO: save money on ads by making your website stand out on search engine results.

Content Marketing: increase interest in your product or service through video, blog, white paper and other engaging content formats.

Paid Advertising: be it Google, Bing or social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter), target and reach potential customers.

Digital PR: build brand awareness and a solid reputation (and boost your SEO) through mentions of your brand across the digital landscape.

Convert Traffic and Leads

Remarketing and Retargeting: use internet browsing data to present your past website visitors with relevant information that will bring them back to your site to browse, purchase, download and more.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): discover the sticking points on your website. Whether you want someone to download, sign up, purchase or something else, we can help you determine the best way to get the results you want.

Analytics: no marketing strategy is complete without data to track results and inform next steps. Our highly technical team will provide insights and actionable feedback to optimize your digital marketing activities.

Retain Brand Enthusiasts and Customers

Social Media Marketing: communicate with those most interested in what you have to say, in real time. Creating a social media presence on channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more not only shows that your company is legitimate, it helps you build relationships with customers and find new ones.

Email Marketing: whether you’re starting from scratch or have used services such as MailChimp, Aweber or Direct Response for eons, get more out of your interactions with your brand’s most engaged customers and prospects by sending targeted, impactful emails.

Additional Services

Digital marketing and sales strategy consulting services: we create and/or refresh marketing strategies for businesses across industries. If you’re just getting started with your marketing activities, or want a new perspective, our strategic services will assist you in identifying what activities you need to implement to meet your goals.

Trainings and talks: we offer digital marketing, SEO and social media trainings to organizations of all sizes. After an initial scoping session to understand client needs, we customize every session to the exact requirements of the client. Prior to the session, we do an analysis of the client website and/or digital marketing and social media, not only to ensure that our training is as bespoke as possible, but to hand over our findings so that our training can be put into practice from the actionable insights and advice included in the training.

A few of our awesome clients

We're a new type of digital agency

We’re fixing the broken agency model that is cost prohibitive and often ineffective for start ups and small businesses by acting as a partner for every step of the business journey. As a distributed team of freelancers with combined decades of experience across a range of industries and markets, we can offer our services at a fraction of the cost of full time hires or other agencies. (And we’re just, if not more, effective!)

About Careful Feet Digital

Careful Feet Digital originated as the travel blog/brand of founder and CEO Khaleelah Jones. Khaleelah started out as a solo freelancer to support her as she travelled and got her degrees in her 20s. She has also worked at leading startups including Living Social and WellTok, where she was part of a core team that closed $18m in series B funding. She has a PhD in emerging media and an MBA.

During her time as a freelancer, she discovered that many startups and small businesses had no integrated marketing strategy and hired freelancers with little experience in creating cohesive strategies. When the freelancers left, companies couldn’t pick up the pieces and build off of what had been done in the past. She realised that every company needs a scalable marketing partner that’s with them for every step of the business journey, so she transformed her brand into a marketing agency that creates and implements quality marketing strategies and organizational foundations that can last a business years.

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