Jodie from Desperate Scousewives wasn’t kidding when she said that Liverpool is another world.

Clearly I did not fit in with the local girls.

Strawberry Field

Women with fake eyelashes, 10 pounds of makeup and the shortest, sparkliest dresses and highest heels are the norm- whether it is 11 AM or 11 PM. The accent is incoherent until you get used to it, but now that I am, I’m convinced it is the coolest, cutest deviation of an English accents I know of. (I want one!) The city is beautiful, the sights (the docklands, Mersey, old churches, mountains…I could go on) pretty much unparalleled and the food was surprisingly good for Britain. It’s also the home of the Beatles, so everywhere you turn, there’s SOMETHING Beatles-y.

Bottom line: A must do for tourists and English people alike.

Liverpool Stadium…apparently soccer is a way of life there
Amazing, huh?

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