Solo Act in Portugal

Praia de Falesia, Albufeira

I am now so tan that you’ll only be able to see my teeth and the whites of my eyes in a dark room. In the words of Space Jam’s athletes, BOOM shaklaka.

Five days and four nights of glorious sunshine (which, I can’t believe I’m saying this, has become quite the rare commodity in my life) and sand in Portugal were JUST what I needed after endless months of cloud cover and cold (London’s already-legendary one week of summer excepted and, sadly, much a thing of the past). Ta guille, eh?

Alfamar, Albufeira- the view from my hotel room

In an act of extreme dramatics, I booked the trip without consulting a soul. Meaning, yes, you’ve got that right: I went alone. When asked who I was going with, to which I would reply, “Myself,” I received many disconcerted frowns, looks of shock and concern, I-feel-so-sorry-for-you pats on the shoulder and even comments such as, “I’ll pray for your safety” and “Couldn’t you get a friend to go with you!?” Finally, I got so sick of people acting as if I just told them I had an STI that I told them I was going with George Glass. Since most people don’t get my sense of humor (George Glass is the imaginary man Kristin Wiig makes up in Bridesmaids), I’m STILL getting text messages and voicemails from people asking about my “romantic holiday with George” and requesting that they meet the new man in my life. Hm.

I wish my life could always be this perfect!
After a hike over the cliffs- by myself! Gasp.

Y’all should watch Bridesmaids.

Aside from safety concerns, which I suppose I understand, I’m not
sure why traveling alone is such a shocking and anti-social thing to
do. Traveling in groups is awesome and fun and amazing, but traveling
alone has its perks, too. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend
it. You never know who you’ll come across on the road- and if you don’t
happen to meet anyone but a few topless women and men in speedos (was definitely a very European experience), as I happened to on this specific occasion,
well, you’ve come away from the experience knowing you can travel on
your own and keep your own company, which is just as gratifying.

The cliffs bordering the beach

Portuguese Man Of War- EW!

Faro City Centre

The whole city is kind of decaying- so beautiful and old

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