Brazil: Part 1

Brazil: Part 1

I can’t believe I’ve been away from Careful Feet for over a week. It all goes back to the age old question: when a blogger is on vacation, does that mean a vacation from the blog as well?

In this case, it would appear so. And as sorry as I am not to have been updating with great tidbits of things I’ve been up to,  I can honestly say I haven’t been up to very much, not considering getting ready for a big international move. Oh, and having spent my last few days in Brazil.

I’m having the time of my life. 

I came down to visit two good friends, both of whom I met the last time I lived in Europe. It has been so fun getting to know what their lives are like, who their friends and family are and experiencing as much as I can of their country in the short time I have here. So far it has been SO FUN.

Day one went pretty much as follows…

Can you tell what this is?  It is so cool to see the Christ pretty much everywhere you go! This is the first sight I got when I got out of the car at the Botanic Gardens for breakfast.

 We stopped at La Bicyclette, a really cute place with great pastries and coffee- which I needed after a 13-hour flight!

After getting some much needed caffeine, we went for a walk around the gardens. Being reunited with good friends is so fun; I love how I can pick up the craziness with Ni and Rai pretty much where it left off, if not more intense than when we left it. The gardens were a great place for our silliness.

After the gardens I got a tour of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon.

 As you can tell, I couldn’t put the camera down.

 Luckily, people in Brazil are extremely friendly and were very accommodating of taking lots of pictures of us!

 Day 1 of Brazil was certainly a success, I have to say…and there’s plenty more where that came from!

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  1. courtnirae

    LOVE Brazil, unfortunately I haven;t bee there but I always watch travel shows about it and you are so lucky to be there! And those turtles look pretty cute haha

    A Golden State of Mind

    1. Khaleelah Jones

      Ha weird fact, I used to have pet turtles and just think they're the most adorable thing, hence why I take pictures of them everywhere I go! x

    1. Khaleelah Jones

      It was SO amazing, you have to get there sometime and let me know how you like it!

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