Last week I decided I was kind of bored. I’d gotten ahead in my work and felt a little stir crazy around the flat. Wondering what to do, I called up an old friend I hadn’t seen in ages…and decided to meet her in her hometown, Hamburg. I booked my ticket through Last Minute (so pleasantly surprised I didn’t have to pay through the nose for being impulsive, for once!) and hopped a plane. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year, but the best sign on friendship is the ability to pick up where things leave off, don’t you think? When I met Jo at the airport, we took one look at each other, screamed, hugged and, as they say, the rest is history. A spontaneous decision at its best!

The few days I spent in Germany (my first time!) seems like a dream- it was so fun! First I went to Dom, a Hamburg institution disguised as a carnival. Even though it was the middle of November (and quite cold), it was packed. There were kids and adults alike on the ferris wheel, roller coaster and in many of the little vendors sipping hot drinks. Although I should have had some gluhwein, I went for the hot caiparinha instead. I know, I know- I was in Brazil in August, but it was so cold I needed to channel some tropical weather immediately!

 We settled on one of those rides that goes in a circle and gets super fast after a few hot caiparinhas (liquid courage/silliness at its best). I haven’t been on a carnival ride in years- and I have to say, it was just as fun as I remember it being as a kid!

 The next day we got a little more serious, and Jo took me on a proper walking tour of Hamburg. From the city hall to the ancient churches, I was amazed at how intricate the architecture in the city is.

 I also got into the Christmas spirit a little prematurely, as it seemed that on every street corner and park people were setting up their stalls for Christmas markets. They really ARE everywhere in Germany!

 After touring the city, we headed to the harbor for what Hamburg is apparently known best for: fish sandwiches. I have to say, they did not disappoint, and were incredibly inexpensive!

 Munching on our sandwiches, we took a turn around the lake that is in the middle of the city. Look at all the spires of the churches. It is more spectacular than any other city skyline this girl has ever seen.

 The following day, we slept in super late (I was on holiday, after all!) and got up just in time to walk along the beach to see the sunset, or as we’ve come to call it, soul food. It was so breathtakingly beautiful I’ll let the pictures do the talking (something I rarely do, as you know!).

 All in all, though spontaneously put together, this was a dream vacation- very chill (and chilly!), with just the right amount of touristing with a great friend. And what a sunset, huh?


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