Blogger Event: Holiday Rainbow Club Shoe Dyeing

A few weeks ago I joined other bloggers at Dirty Martini to create
Rainbow Club shoes that our alter egos would rock out on the town. If you’ve never heard about Rainbow Club shoes, let me tell you: coolest thing since sliced bread. You can select any style they offer and dye them any color you’d like. Perfect if you have a dress or trousers that seem impossible to match with a shoe.

Now, I have the visual creativity of a flea in hibernation. I can write
until the cows come home, but I can’t take two colors and mix them
together in an aesthetically pleasing way to save my life. Sadly,
neither could my alter ego- although we did have quite a bit of fun!

The event was a great way to get into the holiday spirit, especially since it was just a few days before I hopped off to Paris to celebrate Thanksgiving, the watershed holiday that precipitates the slide into the Christmas season. I brought along my friend A. to enjoy the champagne, shoes and general London holiday feel.

 There were even presents for each blogger under the tree- our own custom-dyed Rainbow Club shoes!

As soon as we got our champagne and picked the shoes our alter ego would wear, we got right down to work. There were specialists there who mixed the colors we wanted- I opted for black, as did A.

I also picked a few bits and bobs from the pile of options- but, like me, my alter ego isn’t too flashy.

Imbued with some liquid courage, we got to dyeing our shoes. It is harder than it looks! I think that half of my shoe was drenched with black dye and the other half had scarcely any dye on it- but that’s why you leave these things to the professionals, I guess.

 At least my alter ego and I both agreed that we were good at drinking the champagne, if nothing else!

 The final results:

I definitely think A.’s was much, much better than mine, which looks a bit of a colorful mess! (And all the glitter fell off!)
However, neither of ours stood up to the competition, which was fierce. I have to say, London bloggers really have it goin’ on in the creativity department! They put me and my alter ego to shame!

After much debating, the judges choose the top three winners- I was not among the them.

But I did get a good night of chatting, champagne and shoes in- as well as my own free pair of Rainbow Club heels. I call that a win!


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