S.S. Atlantica

It was one of those perfect London evenings best spent with friends. Lucky me, not only was a great night on the books, it was a night on the river.

I went to the S.S. Atlantica, a 30s-themed boat cruise on the Thames. It was basically a combination of all the things I love in life: history, fancy dress, cruising and a little bit of boozing!

The Silver Sturgeon on the Savoy Pier, our boat for the night
Getting ready I was a little worried that no one would get as in costume and character as I did- but when I arrived I saw that my worries were very silly. Everyone got super into it, dressing up like stars from the silver screen in bygone days. I myself felt just like Daisy Buchanan.
Because the night was so warm and beautiful, I didn’t explore as much of the boat as I should have done, sadly. 
Time to disembark!
Instead, we stayed up on the main deck chatting, sipping champagne and admiring everyone’s costumes. Like I said, people went all out for the event- and why wouldn’t you with such amazing weather and good company?
As the night got darker, we also got some amazing views of the city. I haven’t been on a Thames boat tour since I was a kid, and never at night- and certainly never dressed like a star of the silver screen- so basically it was the best way to experience the city EVER.
This was definitely a highlight of my London experience, and something I’ll do again! Bottoms up, darlings! 

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