Rodney Hotel, Bristol UK

Rodney Hotel Bristol UK

There was a time when I could have had my mail sent to the Rodney, I was there so much. Located in Clifton, the cutest part of Bristol (in my opinion), and within walking distance of the university, I’d stay at the Rodney at least once a week because I taught early morning classes.
The Rodney is typically English in its décor- small, small lobby, quaint little hotel restaurant (which I’ve never eaten in, given that there is so much to explore in Clifton) and a collection of small rooms spread out across several floors- without an elevator. Each room is named for a ship, a nod to Bristol’s roots as a port city “back in the day.”

Each room is very small, with the choice for a single or double bed. In some of the rooms, a double bed is quite a squeeze. There’s very little storage space if you’re there for multiple nights, or want to spread out and do some work.

The bathrooms could also use a little work. They’re passable, and some have bathtubs, some don’t. However, it is really luck of the draw- you can ask for a room with a tub, but don’t expect to get one just because you ask. Amenities are pretty simple- I tend to bring my own because the ones at the hotel seem really cheap, and the conditioner seems to be basically water sometimes!

The rooms all have coffee- and not the instant kind, but nice, freshly ground stuff, and a carafe, too. I always think that’s a nice touch when I’m rolling out of bed before 7am on a Monday morning.

The location is really what sets the Rodney apart. It is also in much better repair than its sister hotel, the Clifton, which is just down the hill. When I’m in Bristol for business, I will typically stay there for its proximity to the school, and the price. It is also nice that it’s a smaller, boutique hotel rather than the chains that are so popular in and around Bristol. It is definitely a more intimate and authentic experience, even if there are some things to be desired. Because, in reality, what place doesn’t leave something to be desired when its home away from home?

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