Last Weekend in the UK

What’s a girl to do on her last weekend in the UK for seven weeks?Explore, that’s what!

I’ve been lots of places in the UK- Wales, Edinburgh (many times), Liverpool, Bath. But one thing I’ve never done is make a concerted effort to actually go to a random small town, not unless it was on the way to somewhere else. So that’s what I decided to do. Cast out and head for a place where I’d be sure to be the only American for many, many miles.

Turns out, I was pretty much the only human.

Just kidding. (Sort of.)

Clun is a teeny tiny English town build waaaaaay before cars were around, as you can see from the narrow roads and ancient town walls. Nestled amongst the hills of Shropshire, I enjoyed a weekend of walking through castles and extremely narrow lanes (missing cars by mere centimeters).
Oh, and also tea with clotted cream.



The big draw is Clun castle, a decaying ruin on the outskirts of town.





As an American, I didn’t want to stick out even MORE by taking tons of pics, but this should give you an idea of just how gorgeous this little hamlet in the hills really is. If you ever want an English countryside jaunt, this is a worthy destination. Don’t let the fact there’s only two pubs and one tiny shop deter you…you’ll be in culture shock so much (in a GOOD way) you’ll have plenty to take in.


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