Getting Ready for Holiday? Maybe Try A Juice Cleanse


I will start this post by telling you I’m not shilling any products. I paid the £65 for this juice cleanse. This is a real review and not a sponsored post. But its bathing suit season and I know that a lot of people are wondering how to get bikini body ready. I’ve been working out a LOT, cut back on alcohol and been eating more healthy since I have a lot of beach travels coming up. I also tried a juice cleanse to see if it could fit in to my more healthy routine, and felt that I should share the results with all of you!

I’ll start by telling you all that I approached this cleanse with a lot of circumspection. Juice cleanses have always fascinated me. I’ve always wondered if they are 1) actually effective and 2) healthy, or just trendy. Enquiring minds need to know.

It seemed a good time to do a juice cleanse just before leaving for Lake Como, since I’d be frolicking around in a bikini most of the time. I figured, worst case scenario I wouldn’t see any results and have just paid a lot for really nice juices and best case, I’d look a little more fresh for my long weekend sans most clothes in Italy. Thus, I dove into a day-long juice cleanse using Press Juices.

Why I chose Press for my juice cleanse

To be quite honest, most of the juice cleanses I read about before picking Press looked very similar. The price points were also very much in the same region, with the cheapest being about £60 per day and the most expensive, £75. Press had the prettiest website, the most information about their cleanses available and a funny blog. The cleanse was also £65 per day, and had delicious looking nut milks. Decision made.

The day before the juice cleanse

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen live footage of my whole unpacking of a big, courier-delivered box filled with ice, juices and an information pack. You need to be home to accept the delivery of your juices the day before your cleanse starts. Make sure you make room in your fridge!

Press Juice Cleanse Review

Press also sent me a helpful informational booklet that details how to go about the cleanse, and information about the nutrients and calories in each of the juices and nut milks. I was a little concerned to see my daily caloric intake was under 1000, but I just decided to take it easy, do some easy pilates and use the day as an excuse to veg on my couch, editing my thesis and replying to long-overdue emails. Do not select juice cleanse day to do a long run, take on multiple errands or complete a big project. I don’t think it’ll go over so well with such little caloric intake.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

I think the best thing about Press was that they sent a schedule so I knew when to drink each of the juices and nut milks. I don’t think you need to stick to this schedule but I did, and I was never, ever hungry.

The morning of the cleanse

After waking up and taking this pretty picture of some of my juices, I started my cleanse. Waking up at around 8am, instead of my normal coffee and yogurt with granola, I had a charcoal lemonade. It was kind of a weird combination, a black, mealy charcoal texture and lemonade taste. I enjoyed it while doing pilates and drinking loads of water.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

At 9am, I hadn’t yet finished the charcoal lemonade- I drink pretty slowly and there’s a LOT of juice to down, so I didn’t get to number one until around 10am. Speaking of, how did I know what order to go in? They label your juices in the order you should drink them so it really is no fuss, no guessing, just find and drink.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

Press Juice Cleanse Review

Number one is Greenhouse Four, which has parsley, fennel, kale, pear, spinach, cucumber and lime all smooshed into a 500ml bottle. I typically love green juices but I wasn’t a huge, huge fan of this one. The parsley was really overpowering.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

I finished this juice at around 10:45am (like I said, I’m a REALLY slow drinker) and felt just the same as I would have had I had my coffee (which I don’t have every day, so I don’t need it, unlike some people who may find going without it really difficult). In fact, I felt a little better than I sometimes do having had coffee and breakfast. Often, when I eat breakfast, I find that I’m hungry again around 11am or so, and wishing I was a hobbit who ate elevensies (i.e., a snack). Am I alone in this?!

Luckily, on juice cleanse day, you can be a hobbit! 11am is time for another drink, the cacao leche. This was my FAVORITE drink of the cleanse.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

I wish I could have this for elevensies (or just have an elevensies!) every day. Made of almonds, rice, dates and cacao, with a pinch of Himalayan salt, it was creamy, rich and just the perfect, perfect “snack”. Its the kind of thing I’d have on its own on a normal day. Yum.

I didn’t finish my Cacao until around 12:30pm, and I found myself pretty full, so I gave myself until 2pm to break into another juice, Grove 3. It was sweet but also spicy, kind of an interesting thing to have in the middle of the day. I’m not a big snacker so my body was just confused by anything other than water in the middle of the day.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

I found 3:30pm rolling around and needed to quickly finish the Grove 3 and start in immediately on the Greenhouse 3, which was my second favorite juice of the cleanse. This one was much less herb-y, with kale, spinach, celery, romaine, cucumber, ginger and lemon. It was much more subtle than the other green juice (although lemon-y) and was really delicious.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

At this point, I was not at all hungry, but something kicked in in my brain that made me want to chew. Isn’t that weird? I just wanted to masticate. I think this was my biggest stumbling block for the rest of the day: just missing the feeling of food in my mouth, and the act of chewing!

By 5:30pm, I was dreaming of a post-workday cocktail or cheeseboard, but settled for an Orchard 2, which took my mind off these insane cravings a little while. It was basically like having apple juice as an evening snack before dinner.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

“Dinner” itself was a bit more difficult to get through. I did not like this nut milk at all. It tasted like chalk dust, and was a bit goopy going down. The only difference from the other nut milk is that, instead of cacao, it contains vanilla bean. Maybe mine was just from a bad batch, because I’ve read that this is a best seller and favorite of many people. For me, it was just a sad, sad way to end the day and a pathetic excuse for “dinner”. It made me dream of all the other options I could have, and what I would eat the next morning when I was off the cleanse.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

Right before bed, I had a refreshing and light citrus water, which basically tasted like lemon and orange flavored tap water. It was a nice palate cleanser, particularly after the gross nut milk I’d just had.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

After the cleanse ended, I did feel a personal sense of accomplishment. If anything, I felt really good having had the self control to stick with it, even after the cravings I’d had all day.

Press Juice Cleanse Review

The next morning I weighed myself and hadn’t lost any weight, not that I’d particularly thought I would after just one day. I felt less tired than I usually was in the morning, but overall didn’t feel any different.

I think that the juice cleanse was an interesting experiment in self control. I was never hungry, I just dreamed of a bunch of things I couldn’t have, which is probably pretty normal. But I am proud that I hung in there. I’m not sure if its worth the money you pay for the results you get, but it was an interesting thing to try and a good way to try lots of yummy juices and nut milks. It also showed me that I have more self control than I thought!

In summary, I think that if you’re looking for a good way to get beach ready, you’d be better off doing the hard work of going to the gym rather than doing a juice cleanse. But if you want to explore the edges of your will power and try something new, a day long cleanse won’t hurt!


  • Kerry Lockwood

    August 28, 2017 - 1:01 am

    K, these all look so good, you make juice cleansing sound okay and delish.
    x, Kerry

  • Andrea

    August 29, 2017 - 1:44 am

    Love this, I’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse and this is the type of info I’ve been looking for. Those look yummy too. xx

  • Dominique

    March 19, 2018 - 12:04 pm

    I have been wanting to try a cleanse. So Press is good?

    • carefulfeetme

      April 28, 2018 - 12:10 pm

      I really like them, especially their nut milks! I will say I like the juice better when I know I can have (a solid) lunch a few hours later though 😉

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