Air KBZ Airline Review

Just writing this review makes me shudder remembering Air KBZ. We flew Air KBZ from Yangon to Bagan, Bagan to Inle Lake and Inle Lake to Ngapali. Because of the condition of the planes, I would not recommend Air KBZ to my fiercest enemy, although in all fairness to them, they have better customer service than probably any airline I’ve ever experienced. Our Inle to Ngapali flight was severely delayed, and we were worried we’d miss out on a sunny day in Ngapali if we waited for hours in chilly and rainy Inle. We decided to just buy new tickets to Ngapali rather than chance a very late arrival- and Air KBZ actually refunded us for our original flight! Then again, maybe this explains the crumbling plane interior…

The translations were also fairly hilarious, although obvious (and totally unenforced).

There was also very little legroom.

Although the planes were kind of decrepit, the combination of customer service and the fact that every flight, no matter how short, was accompanied by a tiny snack (which is great if you’re in a small airport without food delayed by a couple of hours) was really nice. I think flying Air KBZ is kind of avoidable in Myanmar if you’re traveling around a lot by plane, but its best to at least know what you’re getting in to before you go.

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