Six Things to See In Singapore

Over Christmas I spent a week in Singapore, enjoying time at both the Fullerton Hotel and ParkRoyal Pickering Hotel. I will be honest: I wasn’t so excited about going to Singapore before heading there. I’d never spent a Christmas in Asia, nor had a spent a Christmas away from my family. Although the day itself was a bit tough, and I was homesick and missed my family, the holiday was amazing and I left convinced that Singapore is a place I’d love to live in my 30s.

Here are six places I’d recommend on any trip to Singapore.

Mellben Seafood Restaurant

If you’re a fan of crabs, try this place. I’m not crazy about them, but the queue is insane and I liked their noodles and greens. Also, they post pictures of people who don’t pay in the loos, which is comical.


Katong is a little outside of the main part of town, but its a really pretty part of town, and not so touristy. Its beautiful walking around and admiring the old colonial architecture.

China Town

Most cities have a China Town, but Singapore’s is extra interesting given the very, very heavy Chinese influence in the area. Its worth having a walk around to find good massage and reflexology places, beautiful temples, good Chinese food and interesting tourist tat.

Little India

I loved that there were so many different areas with concentrations of different cultures around Singapore. I’d like to go back and walk around Little India again, I didn’t get to see so so much of it, but I can say it is very colourful and full of what looks like good shops, particularly gold, textile and flower shops.

Arab Quarter

We took on the Arab Quarter on what felt like the hottest day I’ve ever lived. Nonetheless, it was a cool place to walk around and very close to some amazing buildings that feature amazing architecture, as well as the coolest gin bar I’ve ever seen.

Marina Bay

There are some really great city views if you take a turn around the water by the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Garden by the Bay

No trip to Singapore would be complete without a visit to Garden by the Bay, which is hugely popular. Remember to buy tickets early and come prepared to queue.

I truly loved my time in Singapore and can’t wait to go back. Its definitely the kind of place that, especially if you have a long time there, you can easily tackle with one big excursion a day. It is a thriving metropolis, but so safe and clean, and really feels very manageable when it comes to getting around, taking on tourist activities, shopping and eating out. It is affordable, and interesting. I can’t recommend it enough!

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