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Hotel Carlton San Francisco

Hotel Carlton, San Francisco

As a member of, I tend to start there when looking for a place to stay. After all, after 10 nights, I get one night free. Traveling a lot, this is not a deal to trifle with. Therefore, when I had to go to San Francisco for work, I started my search with affordable, […]

HTL Kungsgatan, Stockholm

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the hotel choices there are in any particular place. Even in far-flung corners of the world, there are more choices than one can possibly consider. In a big, beautiful and exciting city like Stockholm, that’s even more the case than usual. B, my travel buddy during my epic trip […]
Rodney Hotel Bristol UK

Rodney Hotel, Bristol UK

There was a time when I could have had my mail sent to the Rodney, I was there so much. Located in Clifton, the cutest part of Bristol (in my opinion), and within walking distance of the university, I’d stay at the Rodney at least once a week because I taught early morning classes. The […]
Anantara Bangkok

Anantara Bangkok, Thailand

After a 15-hour flight, there’s nothing I want to do more than shower and climb in to bed. Or, so I thought. We’d booked the Anantara in Bangkok as a little luxury to sleep off our jet lag before backpacking around Thailand. But once we got there, we wanted to do everything other than sleep! […]

Oman Airways Review

It was probably a gamble to fly an airline I’d never heard for my first truly long haul flight. Luckily, it paid off. Oman Air is hands down the nicest airline I’ve even flown- that includes European lines such as KLM, Lufthansa or Air France, or US airlines such as American, Delta, US or even […]