Author: Khaleelah Jones


I’ve been to Paris many, many times. Give that its just an hour and a half between the Gare du Nord and St Pancras, its quicker and easier to get to Paris than it is to south London from where I live. A place I have less experience of, though, is rural France. That’s why […]

Bergen, Norway

I’ve been obsessing over Bergen for a few years now. Like many of the things I can’t get off my mind, I’m not really sure when I started to think about it, or how I even heard about it, but its been nagging at the back of my mind for quite some time.When our initial […]


A long while back, a good friend of mine talked about a trip she took in which she toured olive oil plantations in Southern Italy. Ever since, I’ve been feeling serious wander envy.Just last year, my flatmate went to Sicily and came back with stunning photos of Mt Etna, and even better stories. So, I […]


I just love flying with Icelandair. They let you layover in Iceland for up to seven days on a transatlantic flight. I have taken advantage of this amazing perk before. But that was then. It had been a long time, and many, many transatlantic flights, so I decided it was high time I visit the […]

36 Hours in San Francisco

Talk about a serious change of scenery.My mother harassed me all last year about a legendary family beach trip in the works. Although I’d rather spend my time sunning myself in Malta, Brazil, Barcelona or even Sweden or freezing Norfolk, when family calls, family calls- and of course, there’s actually no place like home. So I […]

Last Weekend in the UK

What’s a girl to do on her last weekend in the UK for seven weeks?Explore, that’s what! I’ve been lots of places in the UK- Wales, Edinburgh (many times), Liverpool, Bath. But one thing I’ve never done is make a concerted effort to actually go to a random small town, not unless it was on […]