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S.S. Atlantica

It was one of those perfect London evenings best spent with friends. Lucky me, not only was a great night on the books, it was a night on the river. I went to the S.S. Atlantica, a 30s-themed boat cruise on the Thames. It was basically a combination of all the things I love in […]

Lovely London Sunday

One of the most prevalent questions I get here in London is along the lines of “What are you doing here?!” It seems that most people don’t understand why an American would choose to live in London despite the fact that it really is the best city in the world. (Maybe I’m just a little […]


I love touristing in my own city- Rai’s showing me around in Rio quickly turned me on to the many merits of being a tourist at home. One of the many places I have yet to go in London is Greenwich. Although I failed to really understand the concept of the prime meridian (!!!) until […]


I love breakfast. I. Love. It. I love sleep, too. This causes a mighty fight between the “Snooze” button on my alarm clock and my stomach most mornings, and unfortunately, the Snooze often wins. This culminates in a mad dash most mornings, where the most I get for breakfast is a piece of half-toasted bread […]