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I love breakfast. I. Love. It. I love sleep, too. This causes a mighty fight between the “Snooze” button on my alarm clock and my stomach most mornings, and unfortunately, the Snooze often wins. This culminates in a mad dash most mornings, where the most I get for breakfast is a piece of half-toasted bread […]

Grain Store, London

Getting back into the swing of things here in London is harder than I thought. I tend to romanticize things, though, and underestimate things like re-acclimating, imaging myself as never having “un-acclimated” in the first place. When people in the US asked me how I liked life in London, what with the crowds of people, […]

Borough Market

I can’t believe I wrote about Borough Market way back when I started my blog– it was so different back then! Because I didn’t cover it anywhere near adequately two years ago, I have decided it is high time to give it the credit it is due with a full post about it! Borough Market […]

Craven Cottage

Growing up, I always cheered for the underdog. I was probably the bane of everyone’s existence, considering my father played for the Redskins and I lived in the Northern Virginia area, when I would change team affiliation from the Redskins to whatever team was losing halfway through a game. In the UK, this kind of […]

Impressions of the City

From the first time I visited New York City, I became obsessed with the idea of living here. Everything I heard about it sounded glorious: cupcakes delivered at 3am? Same day Barnes and Noble delivery? Ryan Gosling rescuing me from getting hit by a taxi? Sign me up. As it turns out, though, visiting the […]