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Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Last Sunday  I went to the Matrix Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Not only is the Royal Albert Hall beautiful and historic and something everyone who lives in London should see/experience, the Matrix Live was FANTASTIC. Basically, the soundtrack to the movie is played by a full symphony orchestra. It was a very overwhelming […]

To Market, To Market

Markets have been taking over my life these past few weeks. For some reason, I associate them with fall, so I suppose it’s quite appropriate that I’ve spent most of my free time between Borough and Camden. Such colorful produce at Borough Market So beautiful I almost forgot I hate tomato… Very upsetting, huh? Real […]


A few days ago I attended a post-graduate mixer with my roomie and some friends. We sat in a corner on the balcony and stared down at the gaggle of post-graduate students dancing with abandon, sipping our drinks and talking amongst ourselves. As one of my friends astutely observed, we weren’t doing too well in […]


Is it weird to say that I still feel like I’m on vacation? I used to fantasize about having days in which I would have nothing to do– no work schedule, no volunteer commitments, no appointments or lunch dates. Now that I’m actually living this way I find that, as always, the grass is always […]

The Finger of God

I’m a firm believer in hidden messages from the universe. Most people call this paranoia. Some people call this karma. Others call it being singled out by God. This past week, if I was being pointed at by God, I have to wonder what finger it was that he was using. However, all is well […]

Frustration and Loathing in London

No one said moving abroad would be easy, but, my goodness, it’s been so frustrating! MY PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED. As HBL would say, I have a tendency to focus on the negative, so I’ve made this experience about accentuating the positive, as the sappy posters in my high school would always advise. However, it’s […]