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Aerolineas Argentina, First Class

On my trip from Argentina to Brazil, I flew Aerolineas Argentina (AA). There are surprisingly few flights between Buenos Aires and Rio, so the options were limited to AA, Emirates and Latam. AA had the best flight times, and a sweet little feature where you can offer money for upgrades. Think Ebay bidding for a […]
Nativ Hotel Denver

Nativ Hotel, Denver, Colorado

I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to combine a hotel and a nightclub. I’m even less sure why I thought that particular concept was an attractive one for my personal accommodation. Nonetheless, I booked three nights at Nativ Hotel in Denver when traveling there for business this past week. Nativ is […]
Paris, France

Yam’tcha, Paris, France

Paris is always lovely, and I’ve written about it many times (here and here and here, for instance), but, as I discovered last weekend, it is loveliest around Christmas time. Because I’ve been to Paris so often, I focused my trip around food and friends, rather than sightseeing. I did, however, get in a few […]