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Koh Pha Ngan

We stayed in Koh Pha Ngan the longest of all the places we were in Thailand, mostly because we were quite far from Haad Riin (where the Full Moon Party takes place) and had this view from our little cabana: …and breakfasts that consisted of this every morning… Ironically, though, I relaxed a little bit […]

Koh Tao

Although I got the fewest pictures, Koh Tao was probably my favorite place in Thailand. (Wait, didn’t I say that about Chiang Mai? Gah! I can’t make up my mind!) V and I on our way from Koh Nang Yuan Koh Tao is a small, relatively unblemished island, just north of Koh Phag Nan. If […]

Koh Phi Phi

Embarrassingly, I walked around Thailand misusing and mispronouncing Thai words left and right. I used the word “cab” as thank you for days until someone laughingly informed me that men say “cab” and women say “kaa.” I called Phuket “Foo-ket” and Koh Phi Phi “Koh Fee Fee” until after we’d left, at which time I […]

Chiang Mai

I started out the year with the decision to stay put for a while to “sort myself out,” as the Brits say. Unfortunately, as with most British sayings, I have yet to get the hang of what that means, exactly, which explains why these past few months I’ve been one little stress ball. So, of […]