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American Museum Bath

American Museum, Bath, UK

I’ve been wanting to go to the American Museum in Bath for ages. It’s the only American museum located outside of the United States, and as an American living in the UK, I feel it my duty to patronise it! I finally got around to going one sunny summer Sunday afternoon. The museum is located […]
Stonehenge UK


This year I’ve been doing a fair share of traveling, mostly for work, inside the UK. But I have been absolutely rubbish about writing about it, haven’t I!? Whereas my international destinations are exotic, I look at my domestic work travel as rather “blah”, forgetting that the places I am going often tend to have […]

Last Weekend in the UK

What’s a girl to do on her last weekend in the UK for seven weeks?Explore, that’s what! I’ve been lots of places in the UK- Wales, Edinburgh (many times), Liverpool, Bath. But one thing I’ve never done is make a concerted effort to actually go to a random small town, not unless it was on […]

Stiffkey, Norfolk

Remember the time I drove to Edinburgh?Yeah, so do most people who were on the road. I’ve gotten much better driving on the wrong side of the road since. Or, so I like to think. My travel companion for my latest adventure may beg to differ. Looking at this parking job, you might, too. At […]


Until recently, I hadn’t been to Wales in about 15 years. I can’t believe I’m old enough to say that! ANYWAY. A view of Rhossili. It seems disgraceful that, going to Bristol weekly and having lived in London for ages now, I hadn’t gotten Wales-way since it is “just” a three hour drive to the […]

Yo, Hadrien!

Don’t blame me for the bad joke, I promised a certain special someone that I’d name this post after this most awful play on words. Anyway, don’t let the bad humor dissuade you from reading on, or at least glancing at the pictures, because our road trip across England and Scotland is a tale worth […]