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Provence Photo Diary

Last week I spent a few days in Provence with my husband (!!!), aunt and uncle. I’ve always wanted to see the lavender fields, and taking a few days off after our Paris wedding to experience the French countryside and relax was just what we needed. I’d highly recommend going to Provence in the last […]
Cannes, France

Weekend in the French Riviera

In keeping with exploring more of France than Paris, I made plans many moons ago to visit Cannes. S. was obviously required to come along, but we were joined by my old childhood friend, C., for a bank holiday weekend of beaches, sun, French food, wine and, of course, practicing our French. We left St […]


I’ve been to Paris many, many times. Give that its just an hour and a half between the Gare du Nord and St Pancras, its quicker and easier to get to Paris than it is to south London from where I live. A place I have less experience of, though, is rural France. That’s why […]

There and Back Again

At the end of August, I started to gear up for a very busy “autumn,” as the British call it. (As long as there is pumpkin spice latte, I don’t care what you call it.) First, one of my oldest friends came for a visit and, as all Americans are wont to do, she requested […]

36 Hours in Paris

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you know that I started this ol’ thang because I lived in Paris for a few months before moving to London in 2011. I wrote every once and a while about my impressions of the City of Light and the many people that inhabit it, including […]