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36 Hours in San Francisco

Talk about a serious change of scenery.My mother harassed me all last year about a legendary family beach trip in the works. Although I’d rather spend my time sunning myself in Malta, Brazil, Barcelona or even Sweden or freezing Norfolk, when family calls, family calls- and of course, there’s actually no place like home. So I […]

LA by Car

Last week I had to go to LA for business. I really love the beach- and truly miss it since moving to Denver- and am absolutely obsessed with the mishmash of palm trees, mountains, desert and greenery that the LA area is so rife with. However, one thing I don’t love about LA is the […]

New Mexico: Day 2

While driving around New Mexico, I started thinking about how different cultures emerge often in response to the environment around them. HBL and I spent hours driving through New Mexico and Colorado, imagining what people outside of the major cities do during their days. It must be so different from the hustle and bustle I […]

New Mexico: Day 1

New Mexico is one of my favorite places on earth. I can’t really explain why. It’s colorful, expansive and truly an enigma; there are green, lush mountains, monochromatic desert, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches (seriously!) and really everything in between. If a place like this can’t capture your imagination, I don’t know what will.  I very […]