Frustration and Loathing in London

No one said moving abroad would be easy, but, my goodness, it’s been so frustrating! MY PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED. As HBL would say, I have a tendency to focus on the negative, so I’ve made this experience about accentuating the positive, as the sappy posters in my high school would always advise. However, it’s […]

The Capital Hotel

So I really feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be- this could be because I’m in a posh hotel sipping a Cosmo…or it could be because I FINALLY am in a place where I feel like everything is coming together. After my French fiasco (involving a very close brush with homelessness) I am safely […]


Jim Morrison’s grave at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. OK, I know we’ve all seen this in textbooks, if not in the “flesh”, but I had to add my photographic commentary to the millions you might have seen already. There are too many darn tourists in Paris. You’d think I’d be used to tourists, being from DC […]

Careful Feet?

“The careful foot can walk anywhere.” This quote just *might* be kind of a big deal in the conservation ecology world (ok, I admit it, I’m a huge dork when it comes to all things biology), but I think it sums up my feelings on travel, and the year I have ahead of me, very […]