PPC Case Study: Multinational Football Sports Camp

Executive Summary

Careful Feet Digital was retained to create and execute a three-week PPC strategy for Challengers’ Liverpool FC football development camp for children aged 6-18. Challenger is a multinational company that provides a variety of player development programs, coach education clinics, tournaments, tours and uniform and equipment supply.


Challenger Sports had an antiquated sales process for the Liverpool FC camp, relying heavily on leads generated through Facebook competitions, with salespeople calling the leads to follow up. These leads were of dubious quality, with many only wanting to enter the competition for the prize.

Careful Feet Digital created and implemented a new sales strategy, led chiefly by Google and Facebook/Instagram ads targeting parents of children who might be interested in the camp to ensure that leads were more highly targeted than previous campaigns Challenger had executed.

Challenger had very little data on previous digital campaigns, such as who was targeted or what worked well and what did not. Further, they had little in the way of previous information on campers or even website visitors to use for lookalike and retargeting campaigns.

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

Careful Feet Digital created a multichannel PPC strategy which covered both search (Google Ads) and social (Facebook and Instagram). The strategy was to create a digital sales funnel to increase the quality of incoming leads and improve the chances of conversion, which was a camp sale, priced upwards of $500 per week. 

CFD started with broader targeting to attract parents who aligned with the ideal target customer, and then retargeted parents who came to the camp landing page to attract conversions. After a few weeks of successful conversions, CFD used data derived from initial campaigns to build lookalike audiences to decrease CPC and increase CTR to save money and improve results.

For Google Ads it was important to cover queries in different languages, while maintaining high relevance. This was achieved by a well planned mix of broad match and negative keywords.

In Facebook and Instagram CFD precisely targeted English-speaking parents with high affinity towards football. It enabled us to drive relatively cheap and highly-relevant traffic to the landing page.

Our final results over the three-week campaign

Total spend: $982.68 AUD

Total leads: 32

Cost per lead: $30.71 AUD

Total conversions: 1, valued at £850 GBP, or $1536 AUD

Cost per conversion: $982.68 AUD

Total profit from ad activity: $553.32 AUD

Liverpool FC International Academy in partnership with Challenger Sports logo

Challenger Sports is a multi-faceted international sports company who provide a wide variety of player development programs, coach education clinics, tournaments, tours, and uniform and equipment supply to hundreds of thousands of players, parents, and coaches across the globe. Their Liverpool FC football camp delivers an annual series of exciting residential camps in the UK offering boys and girls the opportunity to learn ‘The Liverpool Way’. Students can choose to submerge themselves in one or two-week programs, taught in English.