PPC Case Study: Stepping up Seen on Screen’s Class Attendance with Facebook and Instagram Ads


Seen on Screen Dance is a London-based dance school that promotes healthy body image and peak physical fitness by giving women the opportunity to dance to today’s most popular songs in a relaxed, judgement-free environment. Seen on Screen wanted to increase new students in class and encourage students who had tried a class to return, particularly as competition from other gyms and adult dance studios grew in London.

Careful Feet Digital offered PPC strategy and execution services to improve enrollments for both new and returning SOS students.


Seen on Screen was having difficulty reaching new students in cost-effective ways. It had a good flow of new students through word of mouth, and there were spikes around PR activity, but there was no way to consistently support company and profit growth.

Further, many students came once and never returned. The best way SOS could engage with these one-off visitors was through emails inviting them back.

Seen on Screen also used social media, particularly Instagram, to promote its overall brand and its class schedule, but found it difficult to attribute any class attendance to social media activities.


Careful Feet Digital created a PPC strategy that targeted those highly likely to attend SOS classes. It then targeted those who had visited once, as well as those who were involved in social media. It then worked to upsell those who came to class every so often, and upsell those who frequently visited class.

Driving brand awareness is critical for the success of our strategy for SOS. Our video ads are able to generate views at extremely low cost.

The above stats are for one week in April 2019 compared to the previous weeks’, with modifications to the targeting based on insights from student surveys and prior ad performance. Notice increase in page views and decrease in CPA .

Profits from marketing activities have exceeded £4,500 per month, with month-on-month new student growth of up to 30% and student retention rates topping 60%.