Social Media Case Study: Increasing Engagement w/ #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay

Social Media Case Study: Increasing Engagement w/ #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay


We wanted to do something fun for this social media holiday that could both drive engagement and give us some insights into DealNews’ customers. Across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter we posted questions that were both fun and data-driven. Examples in the form of screenshots can be found below.

Overall, engagement was strong across all three platforms. Worth noting is that DealNews’ users are not used to this type of engaging content, so this is something that people will need to get accustomed to. Because of the data we are able to derive from these, it’s worth continuing to do these polls occasionally to connect with our users and learn about their habits and preferences.


DealNews is a comparison shopping website that was launched in 1997. They have a loyal following with many of their users having been users of the service from the beginning. Because of this brand loyalty, though, the demographic skews old and DealNews has not been able to connect with a younger audience. They also struggled with securing meaningful engagements from their demographic.


For #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay (the third Thursday of every quarter — this case was carried out on October 17) we wanted to directly reach out to users in order to learn more about the DealNews audience. We used some fun, silly questions as well as some questions that gave us insights to how DealNews is being engaged with by their users.

On Twitter, while the number of engagements was on the lower end, the engagement rate was in line with what we see on some of our better performing regular posts. Our reach did fall a little under what we normally see when posting deals and articles.



Our reach on Facebook was in line with what we see regularly with our posts, but our engagement was lower than what we typically see on posts. That said, knowing that our users will interact with us when given a direct prompt/opportunity is important, so even at small numbers, this was great to see. In the future, we could also boost these posts to improve engagement.


Our efforts on Instagram did not fare quite as well as the other two platforms, at least in the way of reach and impressions.. These metrics were quite low compared to other stories we’ve posted in the past. However, we did gain some insights as to what some of our users use DealNews for the most, which can help us refine our deal selection going forward.